Birthday Parties


Our birthday parties are jam-packed with fun for two full hours! Choose from two time slots on either Saturday or Sunday:


11 am - 1 pm or 2 pm - 4 pm.



We book birthday parties as early as 3 months in advance.  If you have a special party in mind, it is better to book early!







Each birthday party includes:


  • party invitations


  • private party room rental for 2-hour period


  • plenty of Exhibit Hall playtime


  • a special gift for the birthday child


  • your choice of a hands-on science activity led by a Science Factory educator.                          





  • $95 per party


  • $80 for Science Factory members


The party rental price includes birthday activities for up to 12 children. Additional children participating in activities are $5 each, up to 16 maximum. There is a maximum of 24 guests allowed in the party room. Adult guests are included in the price, up to the maximum room capacity; additional adult guests are $3 each. The rental price includes one gift for the birthday child. If more than one child has a birthday, additional gifts may be included for a fee. Additional fees may apply to custom birthday activity requests.


Your rental includes 15 minutes before and after the party for set-up and clean-up. 



Make a Reservation


Please call 541-682-7888 or email to book your birthday party today! Please read our birthday party guidelines before booking your party.





We Have Birthday Parties Down to a Science!


A Science Factory educator leads your group through one of the following awesome activites! You choose the topic and we'll provide age-appropriate learning through exploration and discovery. Choose one of the following activities:



Blast Off!: 3, 2, 1 .... BLAST OFF! Guests construct and launch a rocket of your choice: simple paper tube rockets, or larger rockets with a soda bottle base. Using just the power of air pressure, you'll be amazed at just how high they go! This activity takes place outdoors; please select one of our other parties as an alternative in case of inclement weather.




Brilliant Biology: DNA is the code in every living cell that leads to life as we know it. In this party, you'll attempt to extract DNA from fruits, vegetables, or even your own cells! Guests will get their very own sample of DNA to take home. Best for ages 7 and older.




Bubbles Galore: Have some soapy science fun with our Bubbles Galore party! Choose from a variety of bubble activities, including bubble art, soapy snakes, and geometric bubbles. Every Bubbles Galore party ends with a demonstration of super-cool, super-spooky dry ice smoke bubbles! This party can get messy!




Color Play: There is color in everything around us. But what makes up those colors? Learn how to use just three primary colors to make every color in the rainbow! Make a mesmerizing toy top as well as a piece of tie-dye art to take home.




Captivating Kaleidoscopes: Have fun with colorful reflections and take home a fun new toy! You'll learn how mirrors can reflect light to create dazzling patterns. Using some mirrors and other simple items, you and your guests will make your own kaleidoscopes to take home. Best for ages 5 and older.




EIllustration: Microscopextreme Experiments: Fizz, bubble, ooze, or pop? Select from an array of amazing mind-boggling experiments that explore physics and chemistry concepts. Create instant polymer worms, glowing slime, soda-pop geysers, elephant toothpaste, and more. This party can also get messy!




High-flying Fun: Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff! Guests learn about the forces of flight and build their very own flying contraptions to test in our vertical wind tunnel. Best for ages 5 and older.




Starstruck: Calling all space fans! This party's mission is to explore the night inside our planetarium during the Seasonal StargazingIllustration: Planets show. You'll learn about the stars, constellations and planets you can see in the night sky. Best for ages 7 and older.



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